Gabriel Vazquez

Moreno Valley College

Business Major,  Marketing 

Exploring Data

About Myself

First of all, hello and welcome. My name is Gabriel Vazquez. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, specializing in marketing. The world of business has always captivated me because it offers the unique opportunity to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams. From my practices and studies, I have realized that marketing is a deep-rooted requirement for any enterprise’s success. As I delved deeper into this field, I began to appreciate the competitive aspects intrinsic to marketing and immensely valuable for businesses of all kinds. It has also shaped my perspective on the concept of data, making me realize its significance as a crucial undertaking for businesses, nations, and individuals. Ultimately, my goal is to expand my knowledge of these fields and leverage them to impact the multitude of companies that drive the world’s economy.

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