I am currently studying at Moreno Valley College in California, USA. I have a GPA of 3.5. I am expected to graduate in Fall 2024 with an Associate degree and have the general education needed to transfer to a higher institution. The institution I have in mind is the University of California Riverside. At UCR, I will complete my studies to obtain my Bachelors in my area of study.


My area of study, or major, is Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. The course that captivated my interest in this major is “Introduction to Business.” It opened me up to the opportunities it gives one to expand and capitalize on their entrepreneurial goals. It also inspired me to continue taking my previous projects seriously. Studying this major as a whole allowed me to develop the necessary and valuable skills for making it in the business world.



I know how to design a fully functional website using WordPress effectively. This skill can offer great e-commerce solutions and reach ideas out to a niche community. I also have great skills with Elementor which let me tone my WordPress ideas.


I understand the basics of interpreting Google Analytics data and using the information to communicate ideas and create a clean workflow. My abilities with data will only explode as I understand its importance in today’s world.


Alongside my web development and design skills, I have honed my abilities to rank on search engines effectively through search engine optimization. Additionally, I have basic knowledge of Google ads, social media advertising, and digital design.


Through project management with many valiant teams, I have gained an incredible ability to communicate my ideas to small and large groups in both English and Spanish. I am an effective and concise speaker with easy to grasp ideas.

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